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TCC Supports “Stop the Disastrous Wetlands Bill”

The Clinch Coalition supports the Indiana Forest Alliance’s efforts to stop a disastrous legislative bill that would wipe out protections for Indiana’s regulated wetlands and rare, biologically rich wetland forests. Senate Bill 389 is headed to a full vote before the Indiana Senate. Wetlands used to cover 25% of the total land area of Indiana. Today, they cover less than 4%. This bill would forever erase legal protections for 85% of the state’s remaining wetlands. This is of particular concern for forest protectors because about 56% of all isolated

wetlands in the Indiana are forested wetlands. Wetlands purify our water, refill our drinking water aquifers, and provide essential wildlife habitat. They reduce the risk of flooding in our communities, acting like sponges outside our communities protecting our homes from flood damage. It is the mission of The Clinch Coalition to protect and preserve the forest, wildlife, and watershed in our National Forest and surrounding communities for present and future generations. TCC regularly joins other environmental groups around the state, region and nation to raise awareness of legislative and regulatory dangers to the environment and advocate for environmental stewardship.

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