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Leave‌ ‌A‌ ‌Tip‌‌–‌The‌ ‌Clinch‌ ‌Coalition‌ ‌requests‌ citizens‌ ‌report‌ ‌environmental‌ ‌concerns

Runoff creating damage to private property, destruction of sensitive wetlands caused by inadequate trail constructions, or logging operations not abiding by environmental regulations are some of the complaints The Clinch Coalition (TCC) receives from local residents.

In response, TCC has created a Citizen Watch Program that seeks to be on the lookout for activities that may be causing environmental damage to the air, soil, water and forests of the region’s public and private lands.

To provide the public with an easy way to report environmental concerns, TCC has added to its website a Leave A Tip submission tool. "We feel that establishing a safe space for individuals in our community to speak freely on environmental concerns will get people more engaged on issues that affect their community," TCC Vice President Wally Smith stated.

Leave a Tip is a technological solution to address a reoccurring problem: many environmental concerns cannot be made anonymously. “We want people to know they can talk to us in confidence," added Smith.

The Clinch Coalition is often an intermediary between the public and regulatory agencies. “Citizens may not know the various local, state, and federal agencies tasked with enforcing environmental regulations,” said President Sharon Fisher. "Having this messaging system will allow The Clinch Coalition to intercede for citizens who have become frustrated from not having their voices heard.”

Citizens who want to leave a tip can provide contact information so TCC can follow up on any actions taken, or the information can be submitted anonymously. The information reported should be as detailed as possible, such as the location of the activity, what activities may be causing environmental damage, and the name of the company or individual doing the activity, if known. Leave a Tip is found on TCC’s website under Get Involved at

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