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Friends of Cane Patch- Keep This Area Alive!

Last year flooding destroyed homes and recreational areas all over Southwest Virginia and Eastern Kentucky. Cane Patch Campground was one of those areas. Cane Patch Campground and Phillips Creek Day Use Area, both located on the North Fork of Pound Lake, are two of Pound's only recreation areas. Both of these areas are managed by the US Forest Service. Since the flooding, the Forest Service has elected to not open Cane Patch Campground this year and possibly never again.

Over the last several decades these areas have not been as heavily maintained as they were in the past, both monetarily and in regard to maintenance. We need to let the Forest Service and local State and Federal Representatives know that the citizens in Pound and Southwest Virginia care about these areas and will not let them be forgotten. These areas need more money and more attention to restoration and management. Many residents are willing to help clean up these areas initially and keep them c

leaned up. By signing this petition, you will be helping to keep our area alive and letting your voice be heard!



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