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Local Students Answer ‘What is Your Ecological Footprint?’ in Essay and Art Contest

The Clinch Coalition is pleased to announce the winners of its 2020 Essay and Art

Contest. The contest, with the theme What is Your Ecological Footprint,?’ had 133 entries from students in Scott and Lee Counties.

Students submitted an original piece of art or a short essay on the impact people have on

the environment, referred to as their footprint on the ecosystem. The educational contest was initiated in the spring of 2020, and due to the Covid-19 pandemic the contest was extended into the fall semester.

Students researched and wrote about the size of their ecological footprint. Elijah

McMurray of Shoemaker Elementary wrote, “This project has helped me to learn about the

meaning of an ecological footprint and what I can do to make mine smaller.”

Alexandria Morgan of Pennington Middle felt she could reduce her footprint. “What I

could do to help the ecosystem is recycle more, waste less food, reuse plastic bags, plant more trees, use less water, stop using so much plastic. And more.”

Students who placed first in the contest received $50 and runner ups received $25. All

student winners received a Certificate.

The 2020 essay contest winners include:

Grades 3-5:

1st Place – Evelyn Mitchell (Dungannon Intermediate)

Runner Up – Emma Begley (Dungannon Intermediate)

Grades 6-8:

1st Place – Elijah McMurray (Shoemaker Elementary)

1st Place – Alexandria Morgan (Pennington Middle)

Runner Ups

Alivia Bates, Menda Bridges, Emily Fields, Haven Moore, Ann Marie Rasnick, and Abigail Sutphin (Pennington Middle).

Winners of the art contest include students at Dungannon Intermediate:

Grades 3-5:

1st Place – Emma Ross

Runner Up – Nalaya Addison.

Grades 6-8:

1st Place – Hannah Hughes

Runner Up – Katlyn Deel.

High School:

1st Place – Morgan Tipton (Gate City High School).

The Clinch Coalition seeks through its contest to educate students on the importance of

protecting their environment and appreciating the natural beauty of where they live.

Photo Caption: Hannah Hughes (Dungannon Intermediate School) expresses ways the human ecological footprint can be reduced.

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